Bandleader GABRIELA MARTINA  accompanied by outstanding musicians have developed a refreshing, entertaining and colorful language that speaks to your heart.

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Red Velvet Sounds is the core group that provides you pretty much all music you can dream of. For more fantastic groups though, please check out all our other categories of bands and contact us if you have any questions. You might also find some answers here at our FAQ’s.

More Offers

Are you looking for string players for a wedding ceremony, a baby shower or a memorial? Maybe you’re planning a nice backyard surprise party for your beloved one or a mellow birthday party accompanied with a family dinner?

Are you ready to party? Are you a couple looking for a great wedding band? Are you a Corporation trying to threw an amazing party with everyone on the dance floor? Please check out our great selection of groups here.

A nice summery breeze of that kind of music that simply makes you feel good. Check out our selection of bands here.

Are you throwing a rather smaller-sized party and looking for some more acoustic, nicely balanced and soulful music from a one-women-or-men-band or duo or trio? This is the perfect category to look into!

Are you looking for a music for the perfect cocktail party? A nice dinner with live background music? Do you feel like you want to dance to Jazz/Swing/Latin Jazz later on a little bit? This is the right section for your event.

If you’re from another country and/or are looking for a different influence in your musical portion of the event, check out our world music groups and others or contact us with your special request!

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