1. Who is Red Velvet Sounds?

RED VELVET SOUNDS  is an ensemble created by founder and bandleader GABRIELA MARTINA  accompanied by outstanding musicians living in New England and New York. Originally from Luzern (Switzerland), Gabriela Martina has performed along the East Coast for more than nine years and developed a refreshing, entertaining and colorful language that speaks to your heart. RED VELVET SOUNDS  provides a wide variety of live music for weddings, corporate events, anniversaries and other celebrations.  Our services range from solo pianist, guitarist, classical string trio or quartet, funk, top 40’s, DJ and more.
Let yourself be inspired by the unique sounds, the on-stage interplay and refreshing  performance of  RED VELVET SOUNDS!

Browse our music, videos and photographs. You can contact us by email or call  GABRIELA MARTINA  at  857-277-2474.

I am looking forward to discussing your music needs!

2. What kind of music do you play?

Red Velvet Sounds provides the following genres of music:

  • Western Classical
  • Motown & Soul
  • Disco & Funk
  • Latin & Reggae
  • Pop, Hip-hop & Contemporary
  • Rock
  • Jazz, Blues, Latin & Swing
  • World & Others
We can also accommodate other genres not specified on this list. It really depends what kind of event you’re planning on having live music for. Have a look at our song list in order to find your favorite. Link to Songlist

3. What kind of instrumentation shall I book for my event?

It really depends on what kind of music you’re looking for. If you are unsure of your instrumentation needs, you may contact us and we can help you through the process.

Here is a possible instrumentation layout:

Classical music for wedding ceremony/anniversaries/cocktail hours:

Solo: piano OR harpist OR acoustic guitar

Duo: keyboard & violin/flute OR acoustic guitar/piano & voice OR cello & acoustic guitar/piano
Trio: violin, viola & cello

Quartet: 2 violins, viola & cello

Pop/Jazz/contemporary music for either wedding ceremonies / corporate dinner parties / birthdays / anniversaries:
Duo: acoustic guitar/piano & voice OR trumpet/saxophone & acoustic guitar/piano
Trio: bass, keyboard/acoustic guitar & voice OR bass, keyboard/acoustic guitar & trumpet/saxophone
Quartet: drums, bass, keyboard/acoustic guitar & voice OR drums, bass, keyboard & trumpet/saxophone
Quintet: drums, bass, keyboard, acoustic guitar & voice OR drums, bass, keyboard, acoustic guitar & trumpet/saxophone

Party/Top 40 music for wedding receptions/corporate dinner parties/bigger events:

Quintet: drums, bass, keyboard, guitar, female OR male vocalist OR one horn player

(keep in mind though that having no singer means it’s less likely that people will recognize the party songs, sing along and dance etc.)

Full band: drums, bass, keyboard, guitar, female and male vocalist

Full band with horns: drums, bass, keyboard, guitar, female and male vocalist, trumpet and saxophone


There’s the option of having the live band first and then add a DJ later on throughout the night.

4. How much do you charge?

Our quotes depend on the number of musicians, the performance time, the travel time and the equipment needed. Please get get in contact to recieve an offer.


Call Gabriela Martina: +1 857-277-2474

5. Can we see you perform?

Please find our show calendar online

We highly recommend to get in touch with us before making the effort to attend one of our live performances since it may be a private function or not showcase the exact genre of music or instrumentation you are hoping to have for your event. Most of our full-band performances are private and unfortunately we cannot invite you for somebody else's wedding.

6. Where are you located?

We are based in Boston, MA. We work mostly in MA, RI, CT, ME, VT but we are available to perform anywhere in the world.

7. Can the musicians play with the organist from the church?

Yes. We would need the sheet music a month before the wedding date and would only do a rehearsal right before the ceremony if needed. The rehearsal time is usually around half and our and will have to be charged extra.

8. Can my friend/relative sing/play a song with the band?

Yes. We do need the correct sheet music of the chosen piece in the same key your musician/singer will perform in one month prior the event date. We will look at the music and decide if it can be used as it is or it needs an arrangement. The music needs to be arranged if it is longer than 3 pages or is very densely harmonized. It can cost $50 (and up) to write an arrangement. We need to have a short rehearsal with your soloist (approx. 15-30 min.) before the Prelude music starts. There will be extra charge for that service if we need to arrive earlier than one hour prior to our start time.

9. Can you help me with the music selection?

Please, never hesitate to reach out via email or phone if you have any other questions or concerns. I am more than happy to help. My email is contact(at) and my number is 857-277-2474.

Weddingwire Wedding Songs also has great suggestions.

10. Will the group move or travel from the ceremony site to another location for the reception? Is there an extra charge for travel? How about the transition from cocktail to reception when they are not in the same room?

Traveling from one location to another is not a problem and there is no additional fee for this. You will be charged for the entire time the musicians are booked for even if there is travel involved during the contract. 

We very often have to transition from the cocktail hour location to the dining room: we usually ask the venue coordinator/banquet manager ahead of time to give us a queue before he/she invites guests for dinner. We then quickly break down our equipment and move to the other room. This process usually takes about 15-20min, but can vary depending on the distance from one room to the other. That time allows us to seamlessly move our equipment and be set up and playing to welcome guests when they actually enter the dining room.

11. What if I only the musician/s to play for one song at the ceremony?

From the musician's perspective, playing a 2-3min song or playing one hour of music doesn't make a huge difference. The musicians still has to travel there, set everything up, wrap up everything afterwards, be there for at least one hour if not a bit longer and present his/her expertise and years of professional experience at his/her best for the best quality of a wedding ceremony performance.

12. Do you offer wedding packages that include the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner set and reception?

Yes! Please request a free quote.

13. What are the steps to hire Red Velvet Sounds?

I will get as much information about the event from you (the client) either via email or over the phone and then send a first draft. There may be a few questions to answer after that and then I’ll send you a revised version so you can be sure we’re both happy with what we’re about to sign. As soon as I have the signed contract and the deposit of half of the agreed total amount I can confirm the gig and start hiring the musicians.  Unfortunately I cannot hold dates for you since gigs come in anytime. You can either write out a check, direct deposit or via PayPal.

Please, never hesitate to reach out to me either via email or phone if you do have any other questions or concerns and I’ll be more than happy to help. My email is contact(at) and my number is 857-277-2474.

14. Can I choose the songs for the event?

We have a song list on our website that you can find here:

Link to Red Velvet Sounds songlist

If there’s any song that you would like us to perform in particular that’s not on our song list, we're happy to do that for you and your guests. A fee will apply and will be determined by the leader of the ensemble. Here’s the process: 1) Tell us the title(s) of the song(s) 2) Look each of them up on and find piano/vocal music that can be downloaded. Note on your list which songs have sheet music available. 3) Send the edited list to with ‘Music Request List’ in the subject field. We will look over the list and give you a price for each song. In most cases, songs that have sheet music available will not require an extra arranging fee. If they do, the price ranges between $35.00 - $150.00 per song. Please do not download the sheet music yourself as we have to determine the comfortable key ahead of time.

15. Can I put a song list together from the song list Red Velvet Sounds has online?

The way it has worked best in the past is that you give us a few songs from our list you want us to play for sure. We then usually put a song list together including your requests since the order of songs can make a big difference for a pleasant evening too and since you’ll hire a band with all professional musicians, you can trust our expertise and many years of experience.

16. Can I create my own playlist and let it play with my own device during the breaks?

Absolutely! Just make sure you have the physical purchase of the songs you want to have played during the breaks and you are not depended on wifi. In case the location of the event doesn’t carry wifi (and yes, we had those situations in the past!) make sure they are actually on your device (iPhone or iPad etc.).

17. In what venues have you played before?

Please take a look at our venue page:

Link to venue page

18. For what companies have you played before?

Please take a look at our corporations’ page:

Link to corporations logo page

19. Does the band bring their own sound system?

Yes. We will provide all the instruments needed and sound equipment for the band in order to provide the sound we agreed on in our contract. If you need a microphone in order to make certain announcements or speeches we would like to be informed about that at least two weeks in advance.

Our basic system is for up to 200 guests or so. If your event has more than 200 guests, additional sound amplification may be needed depending on the size of the venue, in which case we'll gladly obtain a separate quote for you from our trusted sound companies.

20. How much space does the band require?

It depends on the size of band you choose for your event. A solo pianist or guitar player does not need as much space as the full band with horns (8 musicians on stage!).

To give you an idea, here is a sample:

Quartet - 9 feet x 13 feet

Trio - 7 feet x 10 feet

Duo - 5 feet x 7 feet

21. How will the musicians be dressed?

Unless notified, the musicians will be dressed in formal attire. If you do have any special party theme for your event such as a black tie only or tuxedo event, please let us know at least 2 weeks prior the event date.

22. When does the band usually take breaks and for how long? Will there be music played from an iPad instead?

Usually we’ll play for about an hour and then take a 10-15min break. If we have a long engagement with you (3 hours or more) we ask to be offered a plated meal (vendor meal is fine but fast food takeaway/wrapped sandwiches are not acceptable), then we take 20-25 minutes to eat. We will plug recorded music during our breaks to make sure the ambiance is not affected.

23. Do you work with stage lights?

Unfortunately, we do not. We only have good experience with the lights from the venues we played in the past and if you're concerned about that, there is always the option of renting lights.

24. Do you offer photography or/and videography?

Unfortunately, no. We do have many contacts of excellent photographers and videographers though and would love to send you some recommendations. Please email me directly at:


25. What happens if we want the musicians to play overtime?

We are more than happy to play one more song at the very end of the event if the venue manager allows it. After that, overtime will be billed as specified on our contract. Any changes about performance time or payments have to be discussed directly with the lead musician on site. Verbal contracts with musicians are non-existing.

26. Can I change the times printed on the contract? What's your cancelation policy?

If you need to make a change to the original time, email or call us immediately and we’ll do our best to accommodate that request. If you need to make a change to the original agreement, please note we can only upgrade, (add musicians and/or hours) as once the musicians have been booked and are committed for a given rate, we can not downgrade it. If you are uncertain about how many hours nor musicians you'd like to book, start small, we'd be happy to add on later.

27. Would I need to provide parking for the musicians?

Yes. The closer the parking spot to the venue where the musicians set up their equipment the better. Clear load in and parking instructions are very helpful. We can provide names in advance in case the musicians need a parking ticket validation. We just ask that you let us know at least 2 weeks before the event date.

28. What time do the musicians usually arrive to the event site?

The arrival time is usually set to one-hour prior the performance time, which is more than enough to set up. The set up takes usually 20-30min, depending on what band formation you have chosen for your event. If for some reason you need the band to be set up earlier, I would have to charge for the extra time.

29. What is the best time for the band to have their meals?

The ideal time would be during our first break. If that interferes with the evening's schedule we can always be flexible as long as we are notified at least 2 weeks before the event date.

30. What needs to be provided from the client?

Power Source will be provided

Electrical outlet (110V standard) within 20 feet of the band (Red Velvet Sounds will not accept responsibility for failure to perform if electricity it not provided.)

A flat floor or stage is required for BOTH outdoor and indoor events.

A cover must be provided for all outdoor events.

Outdoor events must provide a shaded area out of direct sunlight

Power source and band must be off of wet/damp ground

A minimum performance area of 17 feet by 12 feet

Space to store instrument cases, gear etc. during performance

Please provide an armless chair for each player and adequate reading light.

Meals will be provided for all band members

Parking will be provided for all band members

31. What do the musicians need if the event takes place outdoors?

In order to keep the playing quality promised and protect our valuable instruments, we need a flat floor or stage, a non-wet/damp ground, a cover or shaded area out of direct sunlight, and a power source within 20 feet of the band. The client understands that our instruments and equipment are extremely valuable and can get easily damaged by temperature and certain weather conditions. Refreshments are greatly appreciated for summer heat.

32. Band Members

Red Velvet Sounds is a team of generous musicians who have been playing together for years. Please note that due to busy schedules, the band members/musicians and singer(s) may vary depending on their availability. This will not affect the performance and all musical arrangements made at time of booking will be honored. If you had requested a specific performer/singer on the contract and he/she was not able to perform, we will send you alternate options. If none of those were to match your vision, we will refund your deposit.

33. What items does Red Velvet Sounds’ quote include?

Items that are included in the quote are the live musical performance, sound during the breaks, travel expenses within Massachusetts and all Red Velvet Sounds admin fees.

34. What does the amount of your quote depend on?

Our quotes depend on the number of musicians, the performance time, the travel time and the equipment needed.

35. Do I, as the client, have to pay for overnight accommodations and/or travel fees?

Travel and/or accommodation fees may apply for events outside of the state of Massachusetts or extended travel fees may apply: i.e. Ferry, Boat, Ship, Flight.

36. Are there any additional charges I have to be aware of?

Additional charges may apply if you have special song request.

Travel expenses may apply for events outside of the state of Massachusetts or extended travel fees may apply: i.e. Ferry, Boat, Ship, Flight.

Stage lights

More than one hour set up time prior event performance time

37. How do I pay Red Velvet Sounds and when is it due?

You can either write out a check, direct deposit, or pay via PayPal. We ask that you keep in mind that with the PayPal option, the full amount will have to be delivered. Any fees demanded by PayPal have to be taken into account.

A non-refundable 50% deposit of the total fee is due upon the signing of the contract. The remaining balance is due before or on the date of the performance.

Please, never hesitate to reach out to me either via email or phone if you do have any other questions or concerns and I’ll be more than happy to help. My email is contact(at) and my number is 857-277-2474.

38. When do I need to pay the remaining balance?

The remaining balance is due before or on the date of the performance. You can use the same payment options as mentioned above in point 30: check, direct deposit or PayPal (including fees).

39. What happens if we as the client have to cancel the event?

The deposit is non-refundable. In case the event gets cancelled, Red Velvet Sounds expects the client to have another event planned within the next year from the originally scheduled event under the same conditions both parties agreed to in the first place.

40. What happens in case of emergency (i.e. acts of nature, hospitalization, road closing) and Red Velvet Sounds can’t play music at the event?

In case of emergency (i.e. acts of nature, hospitalization, road closing) Red Velvet Sounds may provide equal substitution. If you do not agree with any, we will refund your deposit.