Top 40 Strings is a joyful and energetic trio, ready to provide upbeat music for your occasion. Classical, jazz, pop, and top 40 requests are welcome! 


Top 40 Strings provides the ultimate wedding package deal: high caliber classical music for your ceremony, easy listening jazz for your cocktail hour and upbeat pop/rock for the dance floor - with Top 40 Strings you can't go wrong!

Nearly a century later, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 quintessential novel of decadence in a bygone era continues to inspire generation after generation.  Folks who are looking to throw an unforgettable, opulent soiree that harkens back to the roaring 20s can do no better than to hire out authentic Jazz Era trio aptly named The Gatsby Trio.


The trio consists of the brilliant Billy Novick on clarinet, Jussi Reijonen on guitar and Gabriela Martina on voice, whistling and brushes.  More musicians are waiting behind the red curtains in case your party asks for a bigger band.


The Gatsby Trio plays music from the 1920’s era (including flapper music), Blues (Bessie Smith, Dinah Washington, Ethel Waters), hot jazz dance band music and New Orleans/Dixieland Jazz.


Put on your flapper dress, your driving cap, and do the Charleston or the Lindy to our lively, upbeat ensemble.

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