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Are you ready to party? Are you a couple looking for a great wedding band? Are you a Corporation trying to threw an amazing party with everyone on the dance floor? Please check out our great selection of groups here.

Although technically a party and event band, Pop-Up Radio is really more of a “scream at the top of your lungs, take your shoes off and dance like no one’s watching” band.


Started in 2017 by six pop, rock, R&B and fun-loving Berklee College grads, Pop-Up Radio was born from one goal: give every wedding guest, bar patron and party-goer in front of the stage the night of their lives.

Boston-based ensemble Planet Radio blends numerous styles with unstoppable instrumentalists and rich vocals, resulting in electrifying live shows.  Planet Radio can be heard performing original music with the spirit of the old masters but seen through the eyes of 2016 and beyond! 

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